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Our Mission

Thank you, for choosing the fastest growing yacht delivery service on the East Coast. Our goal is to "set the standard" for all Motor and Sailing yacht deliveries in North America and the World Wide. We tailor each delivery directly to our client's needs. Our objectives ensure that measures put into place are double checked to comply with our "standards", to insure the safety and protection of the vessel and the crew.

It is our goal to eliminate all of your worries and concerns for the delivery of your vessel. Our professional Captains have taken yachts all over the world, Culminating miles of experience in an amazingly wide variety of vessels. Our delivery teams are experienced, well qualified, and take a professional pride in their work by taking the time to pay attention to details that will ensure a smooth and trouble free passage to any port in the world.

We inspect every yacht thoroughly prior to committing to a delivery trip. Knowing the sea has no respect for the ill prepared, we want to take every step possible to insure a safe voyage for our mutual benefit. As part of our Safety First & Always program we bring with us a wide variety of safety gear, even though many of the items are redundant on a well equipped vessel.

There is, of course, no extra charge for the thousands we have invested to insure your complete satisfaction. This is the only way we do business. You may also rest assured that we do not take unsafe shortcuts or tempt poor weather to save an hour or a day. You should expect delivery of a clean undamaged boat and we rather enjoy having the satisfaction of another delivery well done.

The horror stories of incomplete deliveries, a boat abandoned miles from its destination or the boat delivered in a thoroughly unkempt condition, circulate in maritime circles everywhere. Such a situation is simply intolerable . We keep our commitments, period!

Some owners are tempted to hire a friend or relative to conduct a delivery. In this case, most insurers will not cover you or the boat unless the selectee is USCG licensed. The Coast Guard defines "Hiring" as being any contribution toward defraying the trip expense such as food, fuel, docking/mooring fees, etc. The insurers take this position because a USCG Captain's license requires nearly a thousand documented days in offshore waters, several detailed examinations, an FBI background check, random drug testing, and a complete physical exam. One should ponder the reaction of their insurer to a damage or liability claim arising while their yacht was hundreds of miles from its homeport, captained by an unlicensed person. 

Prior to the delivery, you should confirm with your insurer that you and the vessel are fully covered while under our command. Some carriers require a minimum number of crew and/or restricted hours of operation. We can work with you and your carrier to resolve problems of this nature. We will need written confirmation that your insurance is in full force for the duration of the voyage. This document, along with your boat registration or documentation papers, must be on board during the trip

Our delivery services include:


Making all travel arrangements  


Pre/Post delivery surveys  


Commissioning the vessel


Providing regular progress reports  


Delivery services for both Local & Long distance 


Temporary Captains & crew


Owner assistance


Handle import/export documentation


We provide charts and electronic navigation


Rental equipment

Our yacht management services include:


Maintenance schedules


Vessel prep


Repairs supervise


Ships details check


Temporary or permanent Crew/s 


Ships payroll




Hit Counter


National Weather Service

NOAA's satellite

Local Notice to Mariners

Ocean Predictor

Tropical Analysis Forecast Branch





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